May 8, 2014

Living A Culture of Candor

It wasn't until I had my first advertising management class this past spring that I became acquainted with candor and what it meant for me as an aspiring account director. While I thought the term to be hugely overused in the classroom, I quickly learned how crucial it was to the industry and why it was imperative that I adopt a culture of candor.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "The first step toward creating a culture of candor is to ensure a free flow of information." While there are certainly things you shouldn't disclose (like say, trade secrets for example), you should always feel empowered to share insights and ideas in the workplace. Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman, and Patricia Ward Biederman explain in their book Transparency: How Leaders Create a Culture of Candor that “the flow of information is akin to a central nervous system: the organization’s effectiveness depends on it.” Unfortunately it’s human nature that keeps businesses from operating on a wholly transparent level. Some fear exposing hard-to-hear facts regarding a failing project or bad investment while others hoard information in hopes of seeming more valuable to the company. Either way, these types of employees cripple the agency as well as hinder their personal growth. That being said, it seems that living a culture of candor is the obvious choice for those of us interested in success (hopefully that's everyone reading this). 

It only makes sense, then, that candor be my first post on the blog – an industry staple and a personal character trait. While some prefer to keep their noses down and observe the scenery, I believe that there are no perks of being a wallflower. I’d much rather be a woman of refreshing candor.

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